Friday, June 18 at the Sisters High School Auditorium

Dress rehearsal time slots are included below and in the Class Details section. Dancers should arrive stage-ready 15 minutes before their scheduled time. Participation is MANDATORY. Dancers will rehearse on the large performance stage where all lighting, music cues, entrances/exits, and choreography spacing are set and finalized. Also, dress rehearsal helps dancers feel confident and ready to perform in front of an audience, which is critical to have an enjoyable, successful performance.


  • Arrive in the FIRST costume you will be rehearsing in with hair and makeup done.
  • Upon arrival, enter the auditorium and look for the assigned row for the age group of your dancer.
  • Sit in the assigned row until your dancer’s class is called to line up.
  • Once your dancer is done rehearsing their LAST number they may leave.


  • No food or beverages are allowed in the auditorium except for water bottles.
  • Unless changing or eating a snack in the commons area, dancers need to remain in the auditorium at all times.
  • A chaperone is required to remain with dancers ages 3-11 at all times. 
  • Dancers ages 12 and older are not required to have a chaperone. They may be dropped off. If needed, they are only allowed up to 1 adult to attend with them, no extra friends or family please.
    are allowed
  • Dancers are not allowed to be anywhere else in the school besides the auditorium and the choir room/backstage area.
  • Dancers in more than 1 class are allowed to change backstage in the choir room. Only Team Dancers will be allowed in the 2 dressing rooms in the corridor between the choir room and stage. Dancers must change as quickly as possible and go side stage if they have little time between rehearsal times, or sit in the auditorium to wait with their class. We don’t have time to be hunting down dancers.


9-9:15 am LOVE: Pre-Ballet Wed.: (5): Bristol Johnson, Hazel Kipper, Harper Lee, Brooklyn Oathes-Coverdale, Posey Thielbar, Sammy

9:15-9:30 am LOVE: Pre-Ballet Thursday: (6) Adelaide Brent, Eva Dethlefs, Kolbie Fischer, Chasely Larrabee, Juliet Molesworth, Everly Tanner

9:30-9:40 am Baseball World Series: Hip Hop Tots (Wed.) (4) Knox, Rowan, Gracie, Mac, Kenzley

9:40-9:50 am Baseball World Series: Hip Hop Tots Tues.: (8) Alex Barkley, Grace Carter, Daphne Draper, Madaline Harbert, Chasely Larrabee, Hallie Porozni, Russell Porozni

9:50-10 am Doggies for Sale: Ballet/Tap 5-6: (5) Minah, Emma, Scarlett, Carson, Aila

10-10:10 am Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Jazz/Tap 7-8: (8) Emma, Elias, Jaynie, Mia, Luella, VeraLynn, Emerson, Keira

10:10-10:20 My House: Hip Hop 5-6: (10) Giuseppe, Emma, Logan, Tenley, Ellie, Brooklyn, Elise, Xitlali, Ruby, Sydney

10:20-10:30 Peace on Earth: Ballet 7-8: (10) Jaynie, Riley, Penelope, Chloe, VeraLynn, Macy, Emmry, Isabela, Brielle, Keira

10:30-10:40 Dick Tracey Ballet: Ballet 9-10 Mon.: (6) Clara, Kate, Kyanne, Wyatt, Liza, Ryah

10:40-10:50 Here Comes the Sun: Cont. 11+ Beg. Tues: (6) Alyssa, Kennedy, Mya, Honey, Siena, Mary 

10:50-11 am   Bomb Squad: Hip Hop 7-9 Tues.: Vivienne, Liza, Campbell, Paige, Kaylee, Reese, Sydney

11-11:10      Friend in Me: Cont. 10 (Tues.): (5) Kate, Caroline, Kyanne, Wyatt, Opal 

11:10-11:20 Newsies: Jazz/Tap 9-10 Mon.: (4) Lydia, Liza, Annabelle, Ryah

11:20-11:40 No Bad News: Jazz 11+ Int. (Wed.): (6) Kennedy, Ellie, Gracie, Avery, Addison, Maddie

11:40-11:50 Writing My Own Story: Lyrical 11+ Beg. Mon: (4) Mary, Mya, Paisley Ann, Jessica

11:50-12 pm   Letter to Me: Cont. 11+ Int. (Mon.): (4) Ellie, Addie, Maddie, Ayla

12-12:10 Already Gone: Senior Solo: Olivia Solo

12:10-12:20 Power: Senior Solo: Quinn Solo

12:20-12:30 Mad World: Ballet 11+ Int. Mon.: (5) Ellie, Siena, Adriana, Maddie, Colby

12:30-12:40 News Editors: Pointe: (9) Hope, Olivia, Quinn, Emily, Brooke L, Rachel, Vanessa, Gracie, Brooke B

12:40-12:50 Act III: Kitri: Quinn and Olivia Pointe Duet

12:50-1 pm  Trolley Song: Ballet 14+ Int/Adv: (6) Brook B, Gracie, Vanessa, Brielle, Charley, Kamryn

1-1:10          School Newspaper Squad (Geekin): Hip Hop 8-10 Fri.: (6) Kate, Caroline, Ashbury, Wyatt, Rylie, Opal

1:10-1:20     Queens Coronation: Adv. Teen Ballet: (8) Hope, Olivia, Quinn, Emily, Sarah, Brooke L, Rachel, Kailey

1:20-1:30     Break/Catch Up      

1:30-1:40     It’s Tricky: Hip Hop 9-10 Thurs.: (5) Katy, Bunny, Kyanne, Julianna, Kadence

1:40-1:50     Move Like I Move: Mini HH Squad: (8) Campbell, Paige, Kyanne, Kate, Wyatt, Opal, Caroline, Vivienne

1:50-2 pm    Money: Hip Hop 7-8 Thurs.: (8) Elias, Jaynie, Riley, Campbell, Emmry, Aspen, Teya, Keira

2-2:10          Hamilton: Hip Hop Int. 1: (6) Chloe, Lena, Lundyn, Audrie, Ava, Kayla

2:10-2:20     Link Up: Sr. Hip Hop Squad: (6) Brooke B, Gracie, Adriana, Kam, Mack, Colbie

2:20-2:30     Live My Life: Hip Hop 10+: (4) Carrie, Olivia, Ava, Ayla

2:30-2:40     Paparazzi (Celebrities in the News): Hip Hop Int. 2: (7) Gracie, Vanessa, Lena, Adriana, Audrie, Colby, Kayla

2:40-2:50     Rain Dance: Cont. Adv. Teens: (9) Olivia, Quinn, Emily, Brooke L, Rachel, Kailey, Anna Rose, Kam, Mack  

2:50-3 pm    Rain Dance: Cont. Adv. Teens: (7) Hope, Brooke B, Ella, Gracie, Sarah, Brielle, Charley

3-3:10 pm    Fashion Week: Hip Hop Adv. Teens:(5) Brooke B, Quinn, Lexie, Kamryn, Mack           

3:10-3:20 Technologic: Hip Hop 11+: (2) Katie, Bailey

3:20-3:30 Trains: Jr. Team: (5) Ellie, Gracie, Maddie, Adriana, Colby

3:30-3:45       Stock Market: Jazz Teen Adv.: (9) Brooke B, Ella, Quinn, Gracie, Brielle, Brooke L, Charley, Rachel, Kailey

3:45-4 pm    Survivor: Jr. & Sr. Ensemble Finale Number