– Makeup, hair, and costume checklists
– Dates, schedules, and details of all events, performances, competitions
– Announcements and more!

Will rehearse together after auditions on Thursday, June 1 from 7:00-7:30 p.m.


*** REMINDER: Attendance for all competition dance classes/rehearsals (i.e. Wednesdays with Shannon, Thursdays with Kayla) are MANDATORY for the 4 weeks leading up to a competition and 2 weeks leading up to a performance. Absences may impact your eligibility to perform/compete!!!

Please re-read the team contract below.

The purpose of the Competition Program is to provide students with an opportunity to be a part of a team, to share dance with our community, and to develop skills and breadth of experience.

YOU REPRESENT THE TEAM: Participation is a privilege, not a right. As a member of the dance team, your conduct and actions in the classroom, on the dance floor, and in the community should aligned with the regulations and code of conduct as established. Team members must show determination, dedication, and desire to be a productive member of this team. 

RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR: It is expected that at all times, you will support each of your teammates, be respectful and age appropriate, use clean language, avoid gossip and unnecessary drama, and uphold standards of modesty (no exposed tummies, cleavage or booties). If your actions are deemed inappropriate, disrespectful, or against SDA’s guidelines, Lonnie will meet with you and your guardian to determine your ability to remain on the team.

CLASS ETIQUETTE: Being on the competition team requires dedication and commitment to yourself and to your ENTIRE team through consistent attendance and effort to improve technique and learn routines.

Be prepared for every class with the proper shoes and clothing, and your hair tied back out of the face. Give your full attention, effort and dedication to learning, improving, and achieving in each class. Refrain from any distracting behaviors, including talking. No cell phones in class. 

ATTENDANCE: A dancer CANNOT miss more than 4 classes/practices throughout the entire year (use them wisely!), otherwise suspension from the team will be discussedThe ONLY excused absences are: 1) personal illness; 2) funeral; 3) special school activity, which must be discussed and approved by your team coach in advance; and 4) vacation, with parent’s note or verbal communication ahead of time.

Please note that even excused absences could cost you a performance, depending on the date and length of the absence.

A parent must communicate ALL tardies and absences ahead of time with the team coach. However, it is the dancer’s responsibility to coordinate with a teammate to get the missed material BEFORE the next practice. A parent must confirm with the coach that you have practiced at home with a teammate or video.

MANDATORY PRACTICES: All dancers must attend the full duration of each practice 4 WEEKS leading up to a competition and 2 WEEKS leading up to any performance. All dress rehearsals are mandatory.

Missing a mandatory practice FORFEITS YOUR ELIGIBILITY to compete or perform. An extreme circumstance would need to be evaluated before a decision was made.

SITTING OUT: If you need to sit out during class, you must: 1) join any conditioning or section that can be done in current state; 2) focus on class and what is being taught; 3) be off your phone unless recording new choreo; 4) take notes on choreo set or changes. Sitting out for more than two weeks in a row due to injury requires a doctor/physical therapist note regarding the recovery plan.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: We have a closed door policy at all practices. Family and friends may use the observation windows to observe class, unless invited in by the instructor, of course!

SCHOOL GRADES: We know what is required of you outside of the dance studio and it takes balance and time management to keep your grades up, complete homework, have a social life, and spend time with your family. We expect dancers to put forth their best effort not only in the studio, but in every aspect of their lives. You are expected to work hard in school and keep grades in good standing. If we learn there is a dancer struggling to keep things in balance, we will conference with the dancer and guardian to make an action plan. If the dancer continues to struggle with this balance, this is a reason for dismissal from the team.

COMMUNICATIONBecause important and urgent information is shared primarily through email and text messages, please ensure both the dancer’s and guardian’s email AND phone numbers (as applicable) are in the SDA system. Please regularly check your email inbox. 

Miss Kayla (541) 241-0117

Ms. Lonnie: (541) 280-7159


Email Address & Phone Number (if you accept text messages) for: 




As a member of the Sisters Dance Academy Performance Ensemble, I have fully read the team contract and understand what is expected of me to remain a member in good standing.

I will remain consistent with my commitment to the team and all that it requires. I realize the consequences of poor behavior or inappropriate actions. I will do all that I can to respect my teammates and coach at all times, and try to be a positive role model to younger dancers

Dance Team Member Signature ___________________________________________Date ______________

Parent Signature________________________________________________________Date ______________


– All costumes, shoes, etc (see list)
– All hair items (see list)
– All makeup items (see list)
– Water bottle
– Team jacket
– Warmup clothes and shoes to wear over costumes and/or during times when not in costume
– Pack lunches, dinners, protein snacks
– Overnight items such as pajamas and personal items
– Quiet activities for the car and time between performances
– Sewing kit (e.g. needle, thread)
– First aid items (e.g. Band-Aides, Advil)

Optional: competition days can be long and exhausting, and we don’t often have time to return to hotels to rest between dances. You might consider bringing something like a small camping sleep pad,  pillow, blanket for relaxing in a quiet corner of the convention center.

– Foundation that matches skin tone
– Pink blush
– Black mascara or false lashes
– Black eyeliner
– Neutral smokey eye shadow
– Provided lipstick in mauve for ensembles and/or dark maroon for squads
– Diamond stud earrings if applicable

– Spray bottle with water
– Gel
– Comb
– Hair ties
– Bobby pins
– Hair spray
– 1″ Curling Iron (for Jr Ensemble)

Strange: slicked low pony, middle part

Pick It Up: slicked low pony, middle part, braided

Kaleidoscope: slicked low pony, middle part

1650 Broadway: hair down, curled with 1″ barrel, front pieces of hair tucked behind headband

Get It: slicked low pony, middle part, (braided for Thunderstruck)


– Colored leo
– Colored pants
– Half-soles (you provide)
– Hair: slicked low pony, middle part
– Makeup with mauve lipstick/liner

Sr Ensemble “Strange”
– Indigo dress
– Indigo leo
– Nude stir-up tights
– Nude socks

– Hair: slicked low pony, middle part
– Makeup with mauve lipstick/liner

Sr Squad “Pick It Up”
– Black fitted long sleeve
– Green cargo pants
– Wht Nike Courts or Air Force (you provide)
– Gold hoop earrings
– No-show socks (you provide)
– Hair: slicked low pony, middle part, braided
– Makeup with dark maroon lipstick/liner (will be provided)

– Colored leo
– Colored pants
– Half-soles (you provide)
– Hair: slicked low pony, middle part
– Makeup with mauve lipstick/liner

Jr Ensemble “1650 Broadway, a Medley”
– Blue headband
– Flowered dress
– Nude half-soles
– Hair down, curled with 1″ barrel; tuck front pieces of hair behind headband
– Makeup with mauve lipstick/liner

Jr Squad “Get It”
– Pink sweatshirt
– White tank
– White cargo pants
– High-tops, same style as last year (you provide)
– Socks (you provide)
– Hair: slicked low pony, middle part (braided for Thunderstruck)
– Makeup with dark maroon lipstick/liner (will be provided)

Fri, May 19 - Sun, May 21

North Eugene High School
200 Silver Lane
Eugene, OR 97404

Tickets (wristbands) are purchased at the door and valid all weekend. $8 for anyone 5 and older. Dancers are free and do not need a wristband. 


You are responsible for your lodging and food. 

Lonnie and teachers are staying at Hyatt Place Eugene/Oakway Center Saturday night.

A group also rented a house near campus for Friday and Saturday night. Contact Robin Jordan for info.

No photography or video


12:00 pm – Kate, Kyanne, and Kam – Please be in Eugene no later than noon
2:00 pm – Kate, Kyanne, and Kam – Arrive at North Eugene High School

3:57 pm – Kate “Three” (#128 Int Jr Solo)
4:39 pm – Kyanne “I Wanna Dance WIth Somebody” (#142 Int Jr Solo)
7:39 pm – Kam “The Workers of Art” (#190 Int Teen Solo)
8:30 pm – AWARDS


10:00 am – ALL-TEAM MEETING at North Eugene High School (hair/makeup done) 

ALL TEAM MEMBERS ARE ASKED TO ATTEND THE FULL DAY, HANG OUT WITH THE GROUP, AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Teams support teams, dancers support dancers – be there for your teammates, even if you aren’t on stage until later in the day!!

10:24 am – Brooke, Charley “Hearing” (#221 Adv Teen Duo)
12:00 pm – AWARDS

1:24 pm – Kate, Kyanne “Cardi” (#256 Int Jr Duo)
1:36 pm – Sr Hip Hop Team “Pick It Up” (#260 Adv Teen Group)
1:57 pm – Sr Ensemble “Strange” (#267 Adv Teen Group)
3:15 pm – Jr Ensemble “1650 Broadway” (#293 Int Jr Group)
4:37 pm – Jaylynn, Wyatt “Everlasting Love” (#314 Int Jr Duo)
5:10 pm – Jr/Sr Ensembles “Kaleidoscope” (#325 Int Teen Group)
5:31 pm – Jr Hip Hop Team “Get It” (#332 Adv Jr Group)
7:00 pm – AWARDS

Three judges each award up to 100 points for a total of 300 points
– Technique (execution and difficulty for category/level): 30 pts
– Performance (showmanship, expression, connecting with the audience): 30 pts
– Choreography (use of music, theme, space, etc): 30 pts
– Overall Appearance (costume, hair, uniformity): 10 pts

200-249 pts = Bravo
250-266 pts = Encore
267-300 pts = Standing Ovation

200-254 pts = Bravo
255-269 pts = Encore
270-300 pts = Standing Ovation

HIGH SCORE AWARDS: Named for duo/trio and groups in each level. Top five solos will be named. 

JUDGE’S CHOICE AWARDS: Each chooses one routine to present during each awards ceremony. 

Optional and a lot of fun for participants and audience. They will be held before each awards ceremony through the weekend. Participants will learn a short audition-style combo and then perform in groups for the judges. No preparation needed. 

Register at merchandise table in the lobby. $15.

Wear solid-colored dancewear. Must have full leo or tank (no two-piece or bras)

Sat, May 27 - Sun, May 28

Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97232

Dancers Attending 1 Day: Wyatt, Kam
Dancers Attending 2 Days: Kate, Gracie, Charley, Elias, Rachel 
Observer Bands: Terri, Jessie, Jenica

Participants: Wyatt, Kam, Kate, Gracie, Charley, Elias, Rachel 


6:30-7:30 AM – Dancer Check-In
7:30-8:00 AM – Welcome (super fun, high energy, gets the dancers pumped!)
8:00-11:00 AM – Classes (3)
11:00-12:00 PM – Lunch
12:00-3:00 PM – Classes (3)
3:00 – 11:30 PM – Competition (we can watch)

Participants: Kate, Gracie, Charley, Elias, Rachel 

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Classes
12:00 – 1:00 PM – Lunch
1:00 – 2:45 PM – Classes
3:00 – 4:30 PM – Closing Show & Scholarship Awards 

Fri, Mar 31 - Sun, Apr 2

Parkrose High School
12003 NE Shaver St
Portland, OR 97220

Here is a google doc of this schedule for those who prefer to print it.

All events today are mandatory for all dancers. 

As of Tuesday, March 28, this is still a tentative schedule. Like Thunderstruck, this competition tends to run up to an HOUR AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Dancers need to remain at the high school all day to support and cheer on our team when not performing.


7:30 am – HS doors open
8:00 am – Jr’s meet at HS with hair and makeup done; Jr team meeting and warmup
10:00 am – Sr’s meet at HS with hair and makeup done

10:34 am – Jr Ensemble, 1650 Broadway (#43 Junior Large Group)
12:26 pm – Jr Hip Hop, Get It (#73 Junior Large Group)
12:59 pm – 11 & Under Improve Dance-Off 
1:29 pm – Junior Group Awards 

After awards – Sr team meeting and warmup

2:19 pm – Kate and Kyanne, Cardi (#87 Teen Duet/Trio)
2:22 pm – Jaylynn and Wyatt, Everlasting Love (#88 Teen Duet/Trio)
2:37 pm – Brooke and Charley, Hearing (#93 Senior Duet/Trio)
3:01 pm – Sr Hip Hop, Pick It Up (#101 Teen Small Group)
3:27 pm – Sr Ensemble, Strange (#109 Teen Small Group)
4:17 pm – Jr/Sr Ensembles, Kaleidoscope (#122 Teen Large Group)
4:48 pm – 12+ Improve Dance-Off
5:18 pm – Teen/Senior Group Awards (ALL DANCERS ATTEND)

6:35 pm – Kate, Three (#145 Teen Solo)
6:41 pm – Kyanne, Dance With Somebody (#147 Teen Solo)
7:17 pm – Kam, The Workers of Art (#159 Senior Solo)
8:39 pm – Teen/Senior Solo Awards (ALL DANCERS ATTEND)

Team Dessert Social & Swimming (please carpool!)
14019 Southeast Bella Vista Circle, Vancouver

Team dessert social and swimming after awards on Saturday evening
at 14019 Southeast Bella Vista Circle, Vancouver

Please carpool to reduce the number of vehicles at the Airbnb.

You are responsible for your lodging and food. 

Please plan to arrive Friday evening and stay through Sunday. We suggest booking a refundable room for both Friday and Saturday nights. 

Most of us are staying in these locations, but it is not required that you stay here.

Hilton Garden Inn Portland Airport
12048 Northeast Airport Way
Portland, OR 97220
***Last day for “Energy Dance Competition” rate of $129 (plus tax) per night is March 16!!!

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
Portland Airport location

Rental House – bedrooms have all been claimed. However, there is lots of floor space in the game room if you’d like to bring an air mattress ($20 per night!)

Event and awards will be live-streamed. Link and more details to come.

The EnerGy Competition uses the free Dancebug app to post schedules and other information. 

ALL ages, ALL levels can compete in this high energy, low stress, fun for everyone Dance Off! It’s perfect for the dancer who wants some extra stage time. The winner will walk away with a cash prize.

Register at the EnerGy merchandise table for $20. Before the specified awards ceremony, we will kick things off with this fun competition.

– Star=Novice
– Power=Intermediate (all of our entries are Power level)
– Energy=Elite

Three judges each award up to 100 points for a total of 300 points
– Technique: 40 pts
– Performance: 35 pts
– Musicality/Timing: 10 pts
– Choreography: 10 pts
– Overall Appearance: 5 pts

275-300 points = Platinum
265-274.9 points = High Gold
0-264.9 points = Gold

Fri, Mar 10 - Sun, Mar 12

For those who prefer to print this information rather than access it on your phone:

Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97232
(map of convention center)

***Entry into the conference center and event is free

There are some parking garages near the convention center, but often VERY difficult for trucks and large vehicles. Plan for at least 30-45 minutes to park and walk into the conference center.

The conference center and event are open to the public.

-Do not leave any bags or belongings unattended.

– Always use the buddy system, even within the conference center.

You are responsible for your own lodging. However, most are staying at these two hotels.

Hyatt Regency Portland at The Oregon Convention Center
375 NE Holladay Street
Portland, OR 9723

Courtyard by Marriott Portland Downtown/Convention Center
435 NE Wasco Street
Portland, OR 97232

See list above

4:00 pm – Competition Begins

4:12 pm – THREE #5 (Kate) Teen Solo, Shining Star



** Performance times are approximate and can vary by an hour!!

** Everything today is MANDATORY for all teams; except awards ceremonies, which are optional for those not represented.

** Tonight is daylights savings time! Your iPhone will update automatically, but your mind and body will not. Prepare accordingly. (*wince*)


11:30 am ARRIVE at Convention Ctr
– Bring lunch, dinner, and snacks
– Bring all hair/makeup, water bottle, and costume pieces for the day
– Wear warmups and team jacket

Lobby C in front of Exhibit Hall B (map)

2:34 pm GET IT (Jr Squad) #233 Junior Large Group, Shining Star

3:45 pm 1650 BROADWAY (Jr Ensemble) #251 Junior Large Group, Shining Star

5:14 pm AWARDS CEREMONY (Jr Squad, Jr Ensemble)

6:30 pm CARDI (Kate/Kyanne) #279 Teen Duo/Trio, Shining Star

6:52 pm EVERLASTING LOVE (Jaylynn/Wyatt) #286 Teen Duo/Trio, Shining Star

8:18 pm HEARING (Brooke/Charley) #314 Senior Duo/Trio, Shining Star

9:50 pm AWARDS CEREMONY (Cardi, Everlasting Love, Hearing)


** Performance times are approximate, which can vary by an hour!!


6:30 am ARRIVE at Convention Ctr
– Arrive stage ready hair/makeup
– Wear first costume, with warmup pants and team jacket over top
– Bring all other hair, makeup,  costumes items
– Bring water bottle + light, clean snacks as needed

6:45 am ALL TEAM MEETING & WARMUP – Location TBD

8:04 am STRANGE (Sr Ensemble) #358 Teen Small Group, Shining Star

8:34 am KALEIDOSCOPE (Jr/Sr Ensembles) #366 Teen Large Group, Shining Star

9:14 am PICK IT UP (Sr Squad) #374 Teen Small Group Shining Star

2:49 pm AWARDS CEREMONY (Sr Ensemble, Sr Squad, Jr Ensemble)

4:12 pm WORKERS OF ART (Kam) #465 Senior Solo, Shining Star

9:50 pm HEAL (Emily) Adult Solo, Shining Star

10:05 pm AWARDS CEREMONY (Kam, Emily)