Welcome! We are excited to have you join our dance family. Sisters Dance Academy strives to provide an atmosphere of dance training that not only promotes proper technique and positive dance instruction but instills within each dancer a passion for dance and poise throughout his or her life.

Safety: Safety is of the utmost importance! Children under the age of eight must be walked into the building and picked up inside the building by a supervising adult or older sibling. Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up children. We will not be responsible for students left unattended before and after class. If a problem arises a $5.00 fee may be added to your account for time spent by instructors waiting for students to be picked up. It is important your child is on time so they can participate in all warm-ups.

 Class Observations: Normally, parents and siblings are welcome to observe class in the designated areas as long as they do not become a distraction. But due to current circumstances, we are limiting the number of observers in the hallway. Only enrolled students are allowed to attend class. Students in any of our Tot or Pre-K classes (students ages 18 months to 5 years), are allowed one parent or guardian in the hallway to observe/assist. For all students 5+, there will be two observers to view Studio A classes and one observer to view Studio B classes. A Google sign up sheet will be used to determine who is observing on any given day. ALL adult observers must wear a mask in our studio when a mask mandate is in effect. 

Attendance: Attendance is an important element in all classes. Consistency is a valuable tool in learning and attending all classes regularly is essential to learning and growth. Missed classes may be made up in another age-appropriate class within one month of absence and can be arranged with the instructor.

Class Cancellations: If Sisters School District closes due to snow or other acts of nature, daytime classes (classes held before 2 PM) are automatically cancelled. However, this does NOT mean that afternoon classes will be cancelled. The decision will be made by 2 PM. You will be notified via email and/or text if classes are cancelled. 

If the studio must cancel classes due to weather or events beyond our control such as snow, power outages and forest fires/smoke, students may take another scheduled class appropriate for their age and experience level. Please contact the front office prior so the teacher will be prepared for extra students. No refunds for lessons missed due to these reasons will be given. If there are more than three weather/natural event cancellations for your class, a separate makeup class will be scheduled.

Thank you for your understanding – acts of nature are outside of our control.

Late Fees: A late fee of $15.00 will be added if we have not received payment by closing on the 15th, or the first business day after the 15th if we are closed on that day.

Insufficient Funds Fees: We will charge an Insufficient Funds Fee of $20 each time we pay an overdraft created by a check that bounces.

Release of Liability: Certain risks are involved in the classes offered at the Sisters Dance Academy. All safety precautions will be taken on the part of the instructors. By joining a class you are agreeing to release all instructors, building owners, and anyone else associated with this business of responsibility in the event of an injury or accident. In addition you are agreeing to follow all policies and procedures stated in this document. You also agree to pay fees, including late fees, as stated in this document.

Photo Release: By joining a class you are granting Sisters Dance Academy, its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of the dance participant in connection with Sisters Dance Academy. You agree that Sisters Dance Academy may use such photographs of the dance participant with or without your name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content. We make every effort to protect the privacy of you and your child. If you wish to opt out of our Photo Release for personal reasons, please notify Lonnie Liddell in person. Thank you.