Classes begin Wednesday, Jan 4

Registration is now open for Winter/Spring

EXISTING STUDENTS Current enrollments will automatically be carried over from the Fall session to the Winter/Spring session. No action is needed unless you need to make a change.

To Add a Class: Log in to your account to register. If the class is full, please join the Waitlist and we will contact you if a spot opens or a new class is created.

To Drop a Class: Please email

NEW STUDENTS  Scroll down to see a list of classes by age. For the class of your choice, select “Register” or “Waitlist” in the far left column and follow the prompts. If a class is full, we will contact you if a spot opens or a new class is created. Please contact the front office at 541-719-1208 with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The class I want is full? As we grow to meet the demands of the community, there will be times when certain dance classes are full. Please join the “waitlist”. We will notify you if a spot becomes available or a new class is created.

Which class or level should I select? If you have any questions about the appropriate level for your dancer, or if you want suggestions for how to move up more quickly to the next level, please email Lonnie at 

Is it ok to move up a level? There are important skills, techniques and dance terminology needed to advance in each style of dance. Students who demonstrate ability and readiness may be moved up a level, and likewise, students who are not prepared for success in a higher level may be moved down to gain needed skills. Maintaining your level also takes continuous work. Dance is not easy. Feel proud at all levels of your dance and know that we strive to make the content and choreography at all levels challenging, inspiring and fun!

We want to engage your dancers in a way that will help improve technique in their favorite styles as well as engage them with creative choreography and lots of opportunities for connection. We know our dancers will emerge with more confidence, friendships, and a passion for dance.