Family Access Network (FAN) Scholarships

In an effort to remove barriers and encourage a child’s success, Family Access Network (FAN) provides needy students with dance scholarships (one dance class per approved student). FAN encourages scholarship recipients to share some of the cost of their dance whenever possible – discuss possibilities with your FAN advocate. FAN advocates are located in all public schools in Deschutes County and serve families living in poverty with children ages 0-18. The FAN Office in Sisters is located in the Sisters School District Office. Advocates work hand in hand with families to connect them to food, shelter, clothing, heating, school supplies, health services, or whatever the need, such as dance classes.



To apply, follow these instructions:
    1. The FAN application is a PDF form that you will print and then complete by hand. To be able to open and print this form you will need a PDF Reader on your computer which most people have. But if you do not, you can get the official Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free here.
    2. Next, click here for the FAN application form. The application will open in a new tab of your browser.
    3. Click on the print button (in Chrome this is a printer icon at the top right).
    4. Complete the form and deliver it to a FAN advocate in the Sisters School District Office (across from the elementary school) OR email it to one of the FAN advocates listed below.

Theresa Slavkovsky, F.A.N. Advocate — 541-549-0155 or
Dawn Cooper, F.A.N. Advocate — 541-549-0155 or

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends has developed strong connections to school and community resources that allow opportunities for children to build personal skills, pursue individual talents and maintain active participation outside of the school day and summer months. Learn more at