Winter Recital: TO THE NORTH POLE!

1:00 pm & 6:30 pm
Sisters High School

All classes will perform in both shows, *except* our 3-5 yr classes: 

– Wednesday class: Matinee only
– Thursday class: Matinee only
– Friday class: Evening only

Hip Hop /Tumbling
– Monday class: Evening only
– Tuesday class: Matinee only

Reminder for Each Class

1. ALL HAIR needs to be pulled off the face. Long hair must be in a bun for ballet, and a ponytail for all other classes. Please visit Jenica in the front office if you need any help with this.

2. WATER BOTTLES Dancers work hard during class and get thirsty and we do not provide cups or a drinking fountain. Please label everything! 

3. ALL SHOES must be clean, dry, free from dirt, with non-marking sole. Please do not wear them outside, but change once at the studio.

4. HEALTHY SNACKS A quick, clean, healthy/protein snack before class does *wonders* to sustain dancers' energy and attention.